COVID-19 Update #4

New developments

There have been a host of changes in the past couple of days, some of them hidden in legislation, etc. making it difficult for us to find everything that affects you. We are going to ask for a bit of patience this week while we try to consolidate it all and bring you a more thorough update.

You should be aware that there are significant changes affecting payroll and also self-employed persons.  Again, a more detailed update will be provided shortly.

One suggestion… If you are not yet registered for “My Account” with the CRA, consider doing so now.  This will be the portal through which many government benefits and information relating thereto will be administered.  This is more or less the CRA’s equivalent to a bank’s online banking platform.  You can register by clicking this link.  If you have a business number (GST/HST number), you should also register for “My Business Account”.  Click here for those services.

More later… Have a bright and cheerful day!