Frequently asked questions about the merger of
Froese & Company and Morales & Co, to become ATMOS Financial Services Inc.



“All good things come to an end, but if you are truly fortunate, that end is the beginning of something even better.”

Froese & Company is proud to announce that we have entered into a merger agreement with Morales & Co to create ATMOS Financial Services Inc.

The two companies began operating as one effective January 1, 2021. We now have a team of employees working from various locations across the country and beyond. Our two teams have collaborated on many projects over the past two years, and we have already seen a great cultural fit.

The office in Meaford, Ontario, will continue as the head office and the main point of contact, with a satellite office maintained in Newton, Ontario.

This merger and our combined abilities will allow ATMOS Financial Services Inc. to better serve our clients’ needs in the areas of tax planning and preparation, trust and estate tax, business advisory, financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, remote CFO and Controller services, and other accounting services.

The decision to pursue this merger was made to provide our clients with a higher service level. We needed more resources to provide a better customer service experience, and we believe Morales & Co have the ability, processes, and resources to increase our service level. As with all important business decisions, we will work closely with our clients, partners, and employees to make the integration process as smooth and seamless as possible. We assure you that our pricing and support procedures will remain unchanged for now, and we intend to incorporate the best ideas and processes of each firm as we grow.

In the meantime, you can expect to receive the same expert accounting services you have come to expect, but you will have more resources and personnel to draw on. We’re sure you are likely to have some questions, and we have provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the firm’s new name?

Our new name and legal entity will be ATMOS Financial Services Inc.  We will refer to ourselves as ATMOS or ATMOS Financial in everyday conversation.


Why are you merging?

Our two teams have worked together and shared resources over the past two years, and in that time, we have realized that our firms’ cultures are very similar. Morales & Co have expertise and technical knowledge in areas that complement ours, and our teams are compatible. We truly feel that our merged firm will be better than the two firms would be on their own.


When will the merger be effective?

We will begin operating as ATMOS Financial Services Inc. starting January 1, 2021.


Are you merging because of COVID-19 or the current economic landscape?

No. The merger would have happened regardless of COVID-19 or any impact on the economy. The timing is coincidental.  However, the extreme additional demands on our time due to various government aid programs and the increasingly complex and changing tax and regulatory environments have added urgency to this decision.


How will this merger benefit me?

We truly believe this merger is a win-win situation for everyone.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Additional qualified personnel will be available to answer your question and provide services.
  • More specialized and targeted services — by combining our teams, we can offer even deeper expertise in the areas of tax preparation and planning, bookkeeping and accounting, remote CFO and Controller services, and business advisory services.  Morales & Co have extensive expertise in selecting and optimizing bookkeeping and back-office software and processes.
  • Business continuity and succession planning
  • Additional developmental opportunities for our staff will mean that our clients will benefit as more team members can provide a wide range of services.

As a client, what will change for me or my business?

For at least the first year, you can expect very little to no change. The Account Manager or preparer you’re used to working with will most likely remain the same.  Any existing contracts in place with Froese & Company will remain in place and unchanged, and those services will continue to be provided by Froese & Company until the terms of the contract are fulfilled.  Upon contract expiry, ATMOS Financial Services Inc. will offer the renewal contract on substantially the same terms as before.

You should expect our Froese & Company branding (logo, etc.) to begin to be replaced with ATMOS branding on correspondence, etc. very shortly.


Will there be an increase in pricing?

Prices will generally stay the same, except for normal annual increases in line with inflation and/or added complexity.


Are your offices moving?

No. The office at Meaford will remain as the head office and main point of contact.  Joel and his staff will be based out of Newton, Ontario area.  Also, our staff located at various points in Manitoba and Alberta offer drop-off or pickup services when convenient for clients.  This will not change.


Will I still be able to talk to Garett or Orlan?

Of course! Our account managers will still be available to meet your needs. We enjoy working with you and intend on continuing to do so.


Do you have a new website?

At this time, the websites for Froese & Company and Morales & Co are still the go-to sources for information online. We are actively developing a new website for ATMOS Financial Services Inc., which will be available shortly in the future.


How do I get in touch with you?

Our phone numbers will stay the same, and we will continue to receive emails at the existing accounts in the short term. You will be notified shortly of future changes to email addresses.


Will ATMOS have all of my history and records from my business relationship with Froese & Company?

Yes! Our data retention policies have not changed and will continue in the new company.

We thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on the next chapter!

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